Delivering consistent, outstanding cleaning services for commercial clients is our heartland. We offer a wide range of cleaning services to suit the needs of our commercial clients. Our professional, qualified team can customise a solution to suit the needs of your business or operation.

Our technicians carry a range of accreditations and certifications in health and safety.

Builders Clean

Our technicians have years of experience cleaning sites after the build team exits. Using a thorough task list, we ensure every corner of your client’s new home is cleaned to perfection.

A thorough clean from top to toe removes gib dust, paint, silicone, and other compounds left after the initial build is done.

Window Cleaning

Lime on windows can be a problem in Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes districts. However, removing lime and watermarks is our specialty.

We use portable water filtration systems to remove minerals and lime before we clean your windows. The products we use repel due and dirt, extending the time between washes.

Internal and external cleaning available.

Full Internal Cleans

Keep your internal surfaces, desks, windows, floors and walls looking sharp for your team.

Our technicians will take a space from dusty to dynamic in no time. We take care and the go the extra mile.

Water Blasting

Whether you have slippery paths with moss and lichen to remove or unsightly mould, dust, algae or cobwebs, our team know how to wash, clean and blast a clean and stain-free finish, without risk of surface or substrate damage.

Building Wash Downs

Our harsh Central Otago conditions can take a toll on your commercial property, leaving it dusty and covered in cobwebs, mildew and moss.

Whether you have a big or small commercial property, MVS can get it done right, the first time and every time after that.

Gutter & Downpipe Cleaning

Clean gutters and downpipes around your commercial property are essential. It doesn’t take long for the build-up of plant growth, grit, leaves and moss to block the flow of your guttering and downpipes.

This can lead to internal water leaking and damage of whatever is inside your property.