A deep clean of your residential property, home or rental can help maintain its value for years to come. Our team of specialists get to know what’s needed for your space, ensuring a hassle-free, thorough and easy cleaning experience. 

Window Cleaning

Lime on windows can be a problem in Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes districts. However, removing lime and watermarks is our specialty.

We use portable water filtration systems to remove minerals and lime before we clean your windows. The products we use repel due and dirt, extending the time between washes.

Internal and external cleaning available.

Full Internal Cleans

Your windows, frames, tracks and surfaces will look like new after MVS is finished. Floors sparkling and walls fingerprint-free.

We can tackle specific rooms or the whole house – your choice.

Water Blasting

This can be an effective way to remove stubborn build-up in your gutters and downpipes, as well as grime, fungal and moss build-up on your driveway or deck.

Building Wash Down

Our harsh Central Otago conditions can take a toll on your home or property, leaving it dirty, dusty and covered in cobwebs, mildew and moss.

Regular building soft washes not only improves the appearance but also prevents damage.

Gutter & Downpipe Cleaning

It’s easy to overlook gutters and downpipes until a problem arises. Blocked gutters can cause serious damage, especially over Autumn and Winter.

Maintaining clean gutters and downpipes is crucial to the overall health of your home.


Our technicians are fully equipped and trained to provide professional sanitising for both commercial and private buildings.

Using a mix of applications with approved disinfectants allows us to sanitise various environments efficiently while avoiding residual aftereffects from harsh chemicals.