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    Can you help with spider webs around my property?

    If your house or rental property looks like an old castle covered in spider webs, we can definitely help.


    Our team can softwash the exterior of your building and provide solutions for treating surfaces to avoid spiders and other creepy crawlies returning.

    Are your team qualified for all pest control?

    Yes, our team are fully licensed pest managers. You can rest easy knowing only a qualified technician will service your property. Find out more about the pests we service.

    We've got rodents and rabbits, can you help?

    Within our team, we have both rodent and rabbit removal specialists.


    Get in touch to discuss your needs and the solutions we have in place.

    How are your window cleans different to others?

    We know our environment really well here in Central Otago. We know that lime on windows can be a problem. But not for MVS - it's our specialty.


    We use portable water filtration systems to remove minerals and lime before we clean windows. The products we use also repel dues and dirt, extending the time between washes.

    What causes mould in my home?

    Mould occurs when relative humidity is over 70%. Typically mould occurs in spaces with low air movement or that are dark. However, it can also occur in areas where temperatures are above 21 degrees regularly. 


    Get in touch to discuss your mould remediation needs.

    How do I know if I need meth remediation for my property?

    Typically if you are feeling sick, with constant headaches and migraines, experiencing dizziness or skin irritation, or have respiratory or breathing issues when in your home, it could be a sign that your house is contaminated. 


    Get in touch with us immediately to discuss.

    How do you manage health and safety on site?

    We take health and safety very seriously. We will work with each client to adhere to and integrate their on-site safety plan with our safety requirements. We understand the need to keep our team, your team and the public safe while we perform our services.


    Whether it's technical biohazard removal or simple building washdowns, you'll find the team going the extra mile to keep things safe.

    Do you use environmentally friendly products?

    Where possible, we use environmentally friendly products and have a green intention for all our maintenance and remediation work.


    Our team is packed full of humans who are dedicated to living the green dream. As a company, we aim to find the best solutions that look after our planet, starting with the land and the people right in front of us.

    Do you offer sanitisation?

    Yes! Our technicians are fully equiped and trained to provide professional sanitisation for both commercial and private buildings. We use a mix of applications and approved disinfectants, which allow us to sanitise various environments efficiently while avoiding residual aftereffects from harsh chemicals.


    We can sanitise your property while minimising any inconvenience.