Pest Control

Mountain View Services are your local specialists in pest control. We know when to treat for different pests, how to get the best results, and how to ensure the people you love are kept safe in the process.

We have the experience, skills and qualifications to treat your property for a range of pests – from Spiders, flies, fleas and ants to rabbits and rodents. Our team are licensed pest managers.

We not only deal with the immediate infestation, we also offer ongoing monitoring and packages to prevent re-infestation. We can inspect your property, monitor pest infestations, bait and spray. 


Spiders are found through most properties. There are thousands of species in New Zealand, and while most are harmless to humans, spiders and spider webs are often pests people want off their property.

Spiders tend to enter a home in three ways: through opens windows and doors or through cracks and gaps in window or door frames. They can also be concealed in items such as shoes, boxes or objects that are bought inside.


Rats and mice can cause huge problems and damage to a property. Rodents in the home can also introduce bacteria, viruses and diseases through droppings left on surfaces.

Rodents breed rapidly which is why it is important to keep on top of a rat or mouse infestations through an eradication program followed by monitoring and management.